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10 Creative Ways To Promote Your App For Free

No doubt developers and app designers spend a lot of hours creating apps and they hope that it is well-received. As it goes out into the world, its success and failure are based on the pre-procedures that you have taken.

 But if the app fails for reaching the right audience, then it will get lost in the sea of other apps that are available in the market. 

Promoting Your App Even After Development

Keep in mind that your work won’t end even after the app is developed and uploaded to the App Store. Most importantly, you must ensure that there is a steady flow of traffic that is using your app and rating your app online. 

For taping into this market, you have to come up with some innovative means for promoting your app. 

Begin Your Launch Material

Before you jump into the wagon of app promotion, you must have a list of the things you need to do. A certain degree of expertise and skills are required for ensuring the effectiveness of the strategies for promoting the app and that too for free.

Creative Methods For Promoting Your App

Website Or Landing Page

The first thing you need to have is a landing page or website for your app. Now it is not important to have a web version of it, however, a website can be a great way for disseminating details. Also, it provides contact details and shares your idea. 

At times, creating a teaser page on your website before the launch will be great. You can even show off the snippet regarding your app UO and provide details of what it provides. Sometimes you might be lucky, you would get users that are willing to contribute to your email list.

Website SEO

Now it would be great to try some SEO strategies for your website. Now besides the normal SEO methods, for promoting your app, you could put some social buttons like Digg, Facebook Share, Stumble Upon, ReTweet, etc. This way people can inform their friends and community about your app. 

Plus, you can add these on the blogs of your website. This would be great for those blogs that are talking about your app and its uses. At times, you can even ask your SEO strategist to concentrate their online marketing on the app when they are working on the website. 

Optimization Of App For Mobile App Store or ASO (App Store Optimization)

The major method for making or promoting your app is by optimizing your app. The ASO is the sum of strategies used for ranking high in the app stores. Here right from the name of the app to its pricing, it contains all the things. 

Similar to SEO, it will analyze the relevance of the keyword. Also, from the perspective of the app, it will focus on the ratings and review. So, when you optimize your app, then people will begin to download it.

● Social Media

No doubt, social media has become a huge part of your digital marketing tactics. It is one of the best methods for growing the reach of your audience. Here it doesn’t mean just pasting links of your app on the social media pages. However, creating online presences will create positive engagement and even hype regarding your app.

One way is through the organic method where you research keywords related to your app. This can be followed by adding some content or writing a blog related to the keyword that you have selected. 

Another method is through paid social media method. This is one of the cost-effective methods for promoting your business. You can use the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) payment method for promoting your online app. The best part is that you need to pay only if the user takes any kind of action by clicking on the advertisement. Unlike the conventional method of advertising, this will allow you to engage with the niche market at a discount. 

Begin A Blog

Along with adding the app to your website, you can even schedule some regular blog posts regarding the app as a marketing strategy. This is a great method as you are creating a whole blog post solely providing details about the app. Most importantly, you can add a call to action right at the end of the blog post inviting the readers to download the app.

Here when you are writing the blog post about the app, it is best if you write a whole story about the app and make your target audience aware of the purpose behind it. You can inform readers about how this app can easily facilitate and make things easier for them.

● Creating Video Intro To Your App

Most people know that videos are the easiest method for showcasing your well-built app and what it can provide. Creating a demo video which can be for 30 seconds of commercial one would be great. It could be based on the concept of why, how, and what. 

● Creating And Sharing Interesting Infographics

This might sound like a tautology, but infographics are more than just filling pages. Just think about it. Attractive and engaging infographics will force readers to love your content. 

You could add a beautiful template that is easy to edit and even content blocks. Also, with the presence of an intuitive interface, you can customize all the things in a single place. 

Providing Discount And Offers 

You can provide certain offers and discounts like one-month free usage, etc will attract users. Such discounts and offers can be provided on a certain day or months just to entice users. 

● Search Ads

Using Google Search ads, you can advertise your app and its services directly to the audience. This can be done by choosing the keywords that your customers might search for online. 

So, this way your search ads pertaining to your app will be displayed to such people with the intent for purchase. Google ads can easily help you to create ads within a minute and even you can set the required budget.

● Get More Feedback From Customers

It is a great idea if you can get individuals to leave their reviews on Apple Store or Google Play. Positive reviews would boost the purchasing decision and they would have a huge direct impact on the algorithms of the app stores. 

 Plus, they can enhance the credibility and even the position of the search results. You can consider other review sites like Capterra, G2Crowd, and Serchen. 

● Get App Review Videos And Testimonials

Sometimes users feel comfortable when there is social proof regarding the best part of using your app. A video testimonial would be the perfect one for this. Videos containing the communication of satisfied customers or expert providing their opinion regarding their first-hand take about the product and its feature would be great. 

Other people’s reviews about your product along with their faces and details will make people trust your app more. This provides a good validation.

● Updating The App Regularly

At times you do have to update your app at regular intervals. Sometimes your app would be having certain bugs or outdated features. You must correct them and ensure that the user-interface and interaction are hassle-free. 

Regular updates along with some new features will make people more interested in trying your app. An app with some exciting interface changes and new functionality makes the customer believe that the app is more user-friendly.

Wrapping Up

Apps can be a great way of promoting your business. If you are in the business of developing some great apps for entertainment, business, education, etc; then the steps discussed above would be best for your app. Check them out and see if anyone of them works for you.

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